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Production Assistant / Front Desk

About the Role

The Role of the Production Assistant at Christine's Atelier is to ensure smooth running of operations through collaborating with team members. This involves working to ensure production processes stay within budgets and deadlines. Also to ensure the safekeeping and maintenance of manufacturing equipment and ensure that manufacturing equipment and tools function properly. The production assistant would also understudy in the production process and be of assistance when needed.

For this role, communication skills, team work and skills in sewing / tailoring or fashion production would be a added advantage.


  • Assist in the day to day tasks and basic administration.

  • Scheduling regular maintenance for equipment.

  • Keep track of orders, schedule deliveries.

  • Ensuring that health and safety protocols are adhered to.

  • Ensure that final product meets quality standards and customer specifications.

  • Suggest process improvements to enhance production quality and capacity.

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